Dear Bully

GP 0hr : 30mins

DEAR BULLY - THE 30 MINUTE MOVIE MUSICAL is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed NY EMMY nominated financial literacy classic, "IT'S A CRIME NOT TO SAVE" MOVIE MUSICAL. DEAR BULLY is an Anti-Bullying film that gets the conversation started as the lead character, "Ace" played by Brooklyn rapper Malcolm Small and his crew struggle to deal with Bullies at BeYou High. Ace's history-altering daydreams, Hip Hope music, and animated music visuals help change the course of history as he becomes President of the United States with his best friend and sidekick Josie becoming VP and members of his crew cabinet members and Senators. All of the legislative muscle imagined in this powerful daydream sequence helps us all envision a BULLY FREE WORLD. The Soundtrack of DEAR BULLY, was produced by 3 X NY EMMY nominated SuperStar Music Producer Brandon "KingSiNEVO". The DEAR BULLY soundtrack is a musical genre called, HIP HOPE, fueled by hopeful cathartic songs like, "DEAR BULLY", "NEVER GIVE UP" and "I WOKE UP TODAY AND THE WORLD WAS BULLY FREE".

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Xposure’s animations are created to educate youth with humor and wit. Whether the theme is financial literacy or anti-bullying youth will connect with these lovable characters.


Watch our amazing series featuring OWLX Your Favorite WiseGuy, THE SHAREHOLDERS, THE ICKIES, MUScience, Ace and the Fun Finance Crew and more.


Xposure Foundation Inc. is 5 X NY EMMY nominated with great films including the NY EMMY nominated financial literacy classic, IT’S A CRIME NOT TO SAVE.


Xposure Foundation Inc. is 5 X NY EMMY nominated for music videos featuring music written by youth and produced by NY EMMY nominated film and music producers.


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No Gun Violence

3 minutes Nov 2018

Written by Xposure ClubX student Alexus Alejandro and performed by Teiara Afful. This is an inspirational new music video about strength and perseverance. "Never give up, never, never give up... I'm not going to back down, even if they punch harder.

Never Give Up

3 Minutes Jan 2019

Never Give Up

It’s Okay

4 Minutes Aug 2019

It's Okay

Dear Bully Music

5 Minutes Jan 2019

Dear Bully Music


4 Minutes Nov 2019



2 Mins Jan 2019


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